If you’ve been ripped off by online scammers, get sarted and we will work to get your money back.

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Get your money back from a scam

Recover Your Loss is a digital management platform that helps you recover your funds lost online:  in crypto, fraudulent investment or Forex trading, and many types of online scams.
It’s Time to Get Your Money Back!

Widely covering many types of scam


No matter how hard governments try to regulate it, the Cryptocurrency industry is still alive and kicking. Since the topic is quite ambiguous to the general public, frauds use it to scam people out of their money, with what looks like a genuine investment opportunity. If you fell into a Cryptocurrency scam,


Several trading platforms using scam methods and techniques such as call harassment and under pressure sales or fake market news…

Stock trading

Our team is available any time, day or night, to take your questions and offer assistance. No worries!

Credit Card Phishing

Thousands of new credit card phishing scams emerge every year and it’s our mission to fight back against the scammers in the names of our clients. If you’ve fallen victim to one of the many credit card phishing scams out there, please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we review your case and gather the evidence, the better your chances are of getting your money back.

Other types of scams

Online scammers continue to innovate… RYL team of experts and partners, we are ready to fight to help you get your money back 

How it works

Our experience is a key of our success

Review your case

Performing preliminary checks to assess whether the case can result in a substantial recovery, based on our experience.

Confront the entities

Confronting the relevant entities that have facilitated the illicit transfer of your wealth.

Gather the evience

Collecting all the justificative, evidence and documentation required to successfully pursue your case
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Get Your money back

We do our best to assure you that we’ll go to great lengths to get your money back.


Max losses to recover $499
$79 $ 49 One Time Payment
  • Up to $499
  • Up to 1 scam case
  • Charge Back assistance
  • Cyber Investigation NOT INCLUDED


Max losses to recover $2999
$269 $ 199 One Time Payment
  • Up to $5000
  • Up to 5 scam cases
  • Charge Back assistance
  • Cyber Investigation


Service sub title
Custom One Time Invoice Payment
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Charge Back assistance
  • Cyber Investigation

Excellent service and obviously the most reliable one.

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Recover Your Loss is one of the leading chargeback management platform worldwide specializing in recover from online scams (Fraudulent payment, Forex, Binary Options, Crypto, etc)

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